XPDTN3 Saddles Up for the Sahara Desert traveling with Scicon

To explore the best that gravel riding has to offer XPDTN3 choose the Sahara Desert.

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Where do you travel to find a definite warmer climate on two wheels, somewhere to take the off-road beaten track with the bike, and go explore the best that gravel riding has to offer … XPDTN3 choose the Sahara Desert. We followed their journey.

A three-day adventure took the team and their 3T Exploro bikes, safely transported to Africa in their AeroComfort ROAD 3.0 TSA XPDTN3 Special Edition bags, on a myriad of rolling gravel, dirt and sand roads. Stunning vistas as far as the eye could see, the adventure got underway with a lengthy first day which set the tone for the trip – diverting off the planned route to explore and put their bikes to the test.

“Freestyle wins every time”

Having skirted Saharan sand dunes, passing tourists taking the easier option of a camel’s back, the route on day 2 was soon changed from a more tarmac-based ride to one that would venture out to visit Gara Medour, nick named the “Portuguese Prison” – more recently famed for its appearance in the James Bond film, Spectre.

Having reached the day’s destination, through a swathe of gravel routes more frequented by 4x4s and motocross bikes than pedal power, the return route was chosen by line of site, going for a more point and shoot approach to their planning.
Leaving this geological marvel the choice was to retrace our steps back to the road or adopt a more freestyle adventurous approach. Freestyle wins every time.

The third and final day saw routes and plans change once again, and it was a day for visiting intricate art installations oddly positioned in the desert. Once again working out the route on the fly, the guys put the MTB tyre-fitted Exploro bikes to the grind once more over routes that even put the local camels to the test. The day, and trip, finished in true XPDTN3 style – by once again diverting off the planned course, opting for a more attractive gravel road to take the guys back to Erfoud, where the adventure started two days prior.

What started as a journey to seek a warmer climate had finished with the discovery of some amazing German art. Our plans had constantly altered but the level of enjoyment in experiencing this amazing part of the world had never faltered“.

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