XPDTN3 ride the gravel roads of Japan

Get inspired to #BRINGYOURBIKE!

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The latest bikepacking adventure from the explorers that are XPDTN3 saw the team travel to the other side of the world, with Scicon AeroComfort ROAD 3.0 TSA bike travel bags, to tackle the gravel tracks around Mount Tsurugi – a famous off-road hot spot for tourists in the area, usually traveling by 4×4 or dirt bikes. XPDTN3 would be adding their gravel 3T Exploro bikes to this list.

The chosen route, the longest gravel mountain road in Japan – Mt Tsurugi Super Forest Road, weaves through deep and rocky river gorges, combining broken pavement with double track trails, and offering up stunning vistas of the Pacific Ocean far in the distance. The perfect setting for another two-wheeled adventure for Marc Gasch and his comrades.

The first day’s riding took in a near 70km loop from Kamikatsu to Shikibitani Onsen, gradually climbing for the first half of the day before the welcome respite of descending for the latter half. Tracking a road only traversed by 4x4s, the riders gradually climbed the day’s main challenge, before being treated by the accompanying Japanese crew to a hearty picnic atop the mountain. Well fed, there was just to descend before heading to the relaxing onsen spa, followed by more culinary delights, then sleep. Day one done.

Perfect double track among lush green mountains went by, with a spanglish-japanese conversation about gravel, bikepacking and the cycling culture in the country of the rising sun. Once you step away from the big cities and mega highways, Japan is a country full of rural roads and gravel tracks, perfect for exploration.

XPDTN3 travel around the world exploring the road unridden together with their custom Scicon AeroComfort ROAD 3.0 TSA Bike Travel Bags to keep their 3T Exploro bikes safe and secure. Take inspiration from their journeys and #bringyourbike!

Words and photography by Marc Gasch

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