Where to travel on your next Asia – Pacific cycling destination

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A look at some of the best cycling destinations in Asia Pacific to take your bike and the #SeeTheWorld on your next cycling holiday.

Mount Fujii

1. Wuling, Taiwan

Featuring high mountain peaks and tropical rainforests, Taiwan has a distinct and diverse cycling landscape. With over 250 mountains higher than 3000m there’s a wealth of roads to discover and to test your legs.

Highlights – Every year hundreds of cyclists descend on the island for the annual Taiwan KOM Challenge – a 108km ride with over 3000m of elevation gain. Join the challenge and tackle Taiwan’s highest paved road or spectate as others take on the mountain. For those wishing to discover a quieter piece of the island, Sun Moon Lake offers stunning views alongside smooth tarmac.

Airport – Taipei, major airlines operate flights to this destination, allowing you the chance to explore the city before you head further afield to the mountains.

When to go – To avoid the high temperatures and humidity the country is known for, October to February offers the best riding conditions.

Wuling, Taiwan


2. Adelaide, Australia

A popular destination for those living in the northern hemisphere to visit when the colder months arrive and a hotbed for professional cyclists, Adelaide features a variety of cycling destinations. From its coastal cycling, to riding through the Southern Wine Region or tackling Adelaide’s highest peak – there are plenty of beautiful destinations to discover in the capital of South Australia.

Highlights – During January, thousands of cyclists and hundreds of professional riders descend on the city to take on the Tour Down Under – the first UCI road race of the year. Be inspired and head to the city in January to spectate the act in person. Ride like the pros and take on the city’s two most famous climbs: Willunga which is the climax of the Tour Down Under; and Adelaide’s highest peak, Mount Lofty – both providing an excellent test for your legs. 

Airport – Adelaide airport

When to go – February through to March is the best time of year to visit Adelaide to avoid the blistering higher temperatures of the Australian summer.

Adelaide, Australia


3. Japan

With the Japanese capital of Tokyo home to the 2020 Summer Olympic Games including the cycling road race, the country’s culture is just one of many reasons to visit. With a network of flat cycle routes alongside the Japanese Alps, the country offers a versatile destination for beginner riders or those more experienced and looking for a challenge.

Highlights – The famous Mount Fuji features as part of the men’s World Championship Road Race. Be sure to add this to your route list and take on the climb yourself. The country comes alive from late March to mid-April as blossom season hits, signalling the start of Spring. Experience the beauty of the blossom whilst riding alongside some incredibly scenery. 

Airport – Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto offer a number of destinations to begin your trip and the country has a wealth of speedy bullet trains to take you around the country with ease.

Time of year to go – If you’re planning a longer cycling adventure head over during the months of April-May and September-November to experience the cooler months.



4. Seoul, South Korea

The South Korean capital offers a well maintained network of hundreds of kilometres worth of bike paths allowing you to discover the city and the stunning scenery surrounding it. With lakes, mountains, forests and river paddies – the capital has a wealth of beautiful landscapes to see.

Highlight – The Chilbongsan Trail is a 12km dirt and rock path which sees riders winding their way along the edge of a mountain. It’s a challenging ride but one with stunning views at the summit. 

AirportSeoul Incheon Airport

Time of year – Late Spring (March to May) and early Autumn (September to November) offer the best times to visit the city.



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