Want to avoid excess baggage charges?

Look no further! We have the solution! 

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“Yes, you heard us right- free!”

When travelling with your bike it’s important to know what the spiel is with excess baggage, but many airlines like to make it as difficult as possible for you to find out what the additional luggage charges are.
Many of you who have travelled with your bike before will know that you’ll often find that the fees can sting quite a bit on something as bulky as a bike!

Here’s an easy-to-use guide to European airline bike baggage fees to help you spend less and avoid any nasty surprises.

Who’s the cheapest?

Let’s get stuck right in! British Airways, TAP Portugal, AirBerlin/Belair/Niki and SAS will carry your bike for free. Yes, you heard us right- free! However, they don’t sell the cheapest tickets, but it might work out as a saving overall. You do need to make sure that your bike fits into their weight and size limits (see the table below). Finnair are also free but have strict dimension restrictions which if exceeded, will cost you a significant amount.

Next up are budget airline Thomson who only charge €20 one-way. Why even think about renting a bike with prices as low as that?


Who’s the most expensive?

Drumroll please… Iberia top the charts of priciest airline with an extortionate €75 per flight! Closely followed by RyanAirAir France and Brussels Airlines who all charge between €40-60 each way for European flights.

Some extra tips

– Book at least 48 hours in advance. Some airlines like Flybe only let bikes on planes on a standby basis if you just rock up on the day.

– Print out the airline’s policy on bike baggage from their webpage in case the desk clerk is a doughnut. I travelled with my skis once and had a full-blown argument with the lady behind the desk because she was telling me that I couldn’t have both a checked bag and sports equipment for free despite the fact the airline’s website said that I could.

– Most importantly, invest if you haven’t already in a protective bike bag or bike case. The last thing anybody wants is a broken bike when you arrive at your destination. Watch one of our how-to-pack videos on our youtube channel here.

These were correct as of 15th November 2015 for flights within Europe. However, we do recommend double-checking with the airline before you fly.

Airline Details

Airline Treated as part of normal luggage Extra costs Max Weight (Kg) Additional Info
Air France No €40-100 each way 23 More info here.
Brussels Airlines No €50 each way (€100 for intercontinental)  Depends on route and ticket type Priced each way. More info here.
Easyjet No €35 each way if prepaid 32 Must be in a bag or box. More info here.
Flybe No €13-40 depending on flight operator. Excess baggage charges apply if over 20kg 20 Stand by basis only, only if space on flight after all check-ins. More info here.
KLM No €55 each way 23 Advance booking required. More info here.
Ryanair No €60-€70 each way 30 Cheaper if booked in advance. More info here.
Swiss Air Yes Free unless over basic baggage allowance 30 More info here.
Aer Lingus No €50 each way 23 Max 10 bikes per flight- must prebook. More info here.
British Airways Yes €40 each way if over 23Kg 23 Max 190cm in length and must be in recognizable bike bag or box. More info here.
Finnair Yes Free if witthin dimension restrictions. €75 each way if over 190cm in length 23 Must be in protective case for flight. More info here.
Iberia No €75 each way 31 More info here.
Jet2 No €43 each way 30 Needs to be pre-booked. More info here.
Monarch No €31.99 each way if pre-booked (€40.99 if paid at the airport) 30 More info here.
Norwegian No €37-75 each way depending on route 25 More info here.
SAS Yes Free unless over your basic baggage allowance 23 Don’t have to use bike carry case, but have to register in advance if don’t. More info here.
TAP Portugal Yes Free 32 More info here.
Thomson Fly No €20-54 each way depending on route and excess weight is charged per kg 23 Must pre-book at least 2 months in advance and bike must be in a bag or case. More info here.
Lufthansa No Free or €50 each way (€100 for intercontinental flights) Depends on ticket type More info here.
AirBerlin/Belair/Niki Yes Free or €50 each way if exceeds 23kg and under 32kg depending on route 23/32 More info here.
Wizzair No €40 each way  / No weight allowance shown on website. More info here.
Turkish Airlines/ Anadolujet No €30 each way 32kg Dimension allowance may vary depending on aircraft. More infohere.

Once you’ve succeeded in getting the best deal for flying with your bike, the last thing you want is to get there to find that your bikes have been trashed in transit.

So, make sure that you buy a top quality bike bag or box, Scicon are the leader in bike transportation and are available worldwide. For more info click here.