SCICON helping make dreams come true in Kona

Helping triathletes overcome travel issues to reach Kona World Championships 

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Over the last 30 years or so, Kona has become the ultimate challenge for multisport athletes. The mere fact that, to qualify for Kona on the stunning island of Hawaii requires athletes to not only complete the hours upon hours of gruelling training each week required to survive the rigours of a qualifying Ironman event, but to actually be good enough to finish in the top of your age group, means that Kona holds a special level of prestige amongst triathletes.

Qualifying to start alongside the 2,000 other best multisport athletes in the world is a significant mark of achievement and for those who choose to enter the World Championship event; a decision not taken lightly due to the potentially significant travel and logistical requirement, is a badge of honour.

Every year, thousands of athletes, supporting family, friends and spectators fly to the volcanic island from around the world, landing in Kona International Airport fully laden with bikes and kit. This year however, baggage guidelines, more specifically rules on bike luggage, have been tightened meaning that some airlines will only carry hard shell, purpose-built bike cases.

Whilst some bags such as the Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 Triathlon TSA Bike Travel Bag offer maximum protection in a more manoeuvrable and lightweight form, these new rules mean that anyone who has already made the investment in a top quality, heavy duty bike bag will need to look at other options to transport their bike to Kona.

The Scicon AeroTech Evolution X TSA Bike Travel Case is one such option, with unrivalled protection provided by its tough but light hard shell, and one that is widely accepted on all airlines.

For those athletes who have qualified for and entered the Kona Ironman World Championship but are facing this dilemma, SCICON is offering a huge 40% off a Scicon AeroTech Evolution X bike travel case to continue our mission of enabling global bike travel and, well… because you’ve earned it!

Laki maikaʻi (good luck!)

To submit your claim for the 40% discount, visit the application page here.