Made in Italy, the SCICON Story – From Bags to Bibs

From its origins in the 1980’s facilitating travel needs of the world’s best riders, to innovative, cutting edge technical products that help to shape the cycling industry. SCICON holds cycling, innovation and design at its heart, a core that’s embodied within its home in Bassano del Grappa.

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Down from the snow capped peaks of the Dolomites traces the glacial waters of The Brenta river, descending into the city of Bassano del Grappa, flowing onwards to the iconic 16th century bridge of Ponte Vecchio. Despite this serene vista at the foot of the alps, where Italian tradition has remained the envy of visitors since the middle ages, the unassuming presence of innovation thrives behind the scenes.

Our passion for innovation could never be tempered by the glacial waters of the Brenta river.

A bastion of Italian design and production, absolute ownership of the SCICON factory means total control over production and the ability to ensure each item which leaves Bassano del Grappa retains its Italian heritage from start to finish. Seldom in any industry does a brand have the luxury of its own factory, guaranteeing product quality and avoiding the lapses which occur when balancing the demands of other brands. SCICON has never wished to risk the excellence of its products, that is why they have stayed close to their roots in Bassano del Grappa, keeping a close eye on everything which leaves their factory.

Unlike many other brands, SCICON’s ability to produce prototype products at its own factory has resulted in the rapid development of their latest X-Over bib shorts. One of the most technologically advanced shorts available to both professionals and the public, the X-Over has been designed with an immense depth of research and development, signalling a statement of intent as SCICON looks to greater expansion within performance clothing.

SCICON Factory Production Line

Each considered measurement contributes to ensuring only perfection is created in our factory.

Originally conceived as the solution to travelling with bikes on a global scale, SCICON have sought to create bags which are safe, without stress and stylish to be seen with. The evolution of their bags and cases has been no fluke, with efforts focused upon developing products which further cement SCICON as the brand which professionals and enthusiasts alike wish to own.

It is in the creation of these shorts where SCICON best demonstrates the care and attention taken by its skilled workforce to realise the ambitions of the brand best. Each stitch is delivered with the precision demanded of such high performance cycling apparel, ensuring that no aspect is compromised during production, so every athlete can push beyond their limits when in pursuit of their best.

The innovative Power Mititech panelling system of the X-Over bib shorts is just one example SCICON’s latest progress in the design of technical garments, contributing to reduced fatigue by additional bodily compression, twinned with further anatomical Power Ergo Design; a development crafted by the in house ASG Bike Science team.

The team set out with an objective of creating a bib short that was a perfect complement to the Elan saddle. The result, a perfect pairing to enhance ride quality, comfort and performance.

Expertise and experience are just as valuable as the technology which informs our designs.

Long since their genesis in 1980, SCICON has not been content with simply producing bags, they have sought to inspire those who traverse the world on two wheels, breaking down the perceived barriers which previously prevented such riders from discovering more than the roads outside their window.

Bolstered by the prestigious ASG International since 2011, this strategic partnership has provided SCICON with unprecedented access to the ASG Bike Science laboratory and shared insight as to their extensive network within the greater cycling industry.

Through consultation with professional athletes and in house technical expertise to further refine a diverse range of bags and cases, SCICON look to have enabled a new generation of enthusiasts to fly anywhere with their bike.

For many who choose SCICON as their travel partner, the pinnacle of bike bags and boxes has already been reached, with interest now to diversify their products; retaining the same level of innovation and quality which they have established over the preceding decades.

SCICON first chose to break new ground with the release of the ELAN saddle, demonstrating their long standing tradition in research and development, producing an ergonomically unique design which affords greater hip rotation and flexibility. Such innovation is facilitated by their close partnership with the ASG Bike Science team, who are present on site at SCICON’s Bassano del Grappa factory, utilising their experience of bike fitting the best WorldTour teams to influence the development of the ELAN saddle.

We take immense pride in our ability to realise our ambitions, from the initial design to the last stitch, entirely in Bassano del Grappa.

Much like the Brenta River which flows through Bassano del Grappa itself, SCICON makes work here seem effortless, the tranquil backdrop of the region placed in contrast to the industrious soundscape of the workshop floor’s buzzing sewing machines. There is a sense of SCICON being poised upon the precipice of a new dawn, their unique ability to create technical garments entirely in house from the developmental phase to production, equips them with the opportunity to innovate and influence like few other brands right now.

In the world of fashion, Italy has long been heralded as the home of style and quality, from a perfectly cut suit to the comfiest leather shoes. SCICON views itself as being no different, cutting no corners and refining the process repeatedly until the perfect garment is produced every single time. This is not clothing made abroad to then be shipped back for the sake of a ‘Made In Italy’ label, rather a matter of pride as SCICON champions not only their methodology, but also the traditions of Italian production on the world stage.

The Ponte Vecchio (old bridge) in Bassano del Grappa has stretched across the Brenta River since the mid-16th century, despite having been brought crashing down into the river itself on several occasions. Yet it symbolises the innate pride and inventive nature of the people in this region, wishing to showcase their deep rooted traditions which are now supported by contemporary thought and innovation to keep them alive for another generation.

This is where SCICON now sits, a flag bearer for Italian design and invention, authors of technical performance apparel ready to stake its claim as an industry leader; from amateur to athlete.

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