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The protection revolution – something big is coming

It’s the biggest change and innovation from SCICON in the last 40 years, and we want you to be among […]

Sarah Crowley Guest Blog – Travel Tips

Professional triathlete Sarah Crowley is a SCICON Ambassador using the products to safely and securely travel and see the world […]

Introducing the new ‘Plus Size’ AeroComfort MTB Bike Bag 2019

New MTB bag designed to accommodate modern long, low and slack bikes added to the popular AeroComfort range.

SCICON Partners with 2019 Snow Bike Festival

Cycling festival like no other to take place in Gstaad, Jan 24 – 27 under UCI MTB rules.

What to do if an airline loses your bike luggage

Your bike doesn’t turn up at your destination … what do you do? We’re here to help. 

Avoid Excess Baggage Fees when Traveling with your Bike in Australasia

An easy-to-use guide to airline bike baggage fees when traveling in Australasia.

Where to travel on your next European cycling holiday?

A look at Europe’s best destinations to #bringyourbike on your next cycling holiday.  

SCICON helping make dreams come true in Kona

Helping triathletes overcome travel issues to reach Kona World Championships.  

XPDTN3 Saddles Up for the Sahara Desert traveling with Scicon

To explore the best that gravel riding has to offer XPDTN3 choose the Sahara Desert.

XPDTN3 – Tour de la Resistance

One of the latest adventures for the team take their gravel bikes to the Alps.