Easier Than Ever To See The World Thanks To American Airlines


Thanks to a change in policy for those travelling with a bike bag or bike case, American Airlines has made it easier for riders to see the world, something that makes us very happy at SCICON Sports!

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Thanks American Airlines

Restrictions upon travelling with your bicycle are to be relaxed by American Airlines, one of the world’s largest airline operators, who shall no longer be charging additional fees to those wishing to fly with their bike.

As of May 21st, passengers will not be expected to pay the previous $150 one-way cost of checking in their bicycle, previously reserved for the likes of sporting and musical equipment. Instead, the standard $30 fee which customers already pay for checking in a bag which weighs less than 50 pounds will now apply to bicycles too.

Speaking of the change, American Airlines Group commented – “Based on feedback from our customers and American team members, American is eliminating the charge for common oversize sports and music equipment.”

SCICON Sports welcomes the news, which opens the world up to those wishing to explore upon two wheels, making doing so easier than ever before. As cycling’s premier bike bag and case specialist, SCICON Sports is excited for all those who seek to #SeeTheWorld by bike.

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Protection and Performance from SCICON Sports Eyewear Range


The new SCICON Sports eyewear collection has been designed for ultimate protection and performance, and it is for that reason that SCICON partnered with Essilor Sun Solution – the global leaders in lens technology.

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SCICON Lens Bullet

SCICON Sport’s debut eyewear range is developed for athletes with an intense focus upon performance; whether cycling, MTB or triathlon. The Aerotech and Aerocomfort models both utilise a diverse range of design techniques and materials, bringing to fruition SCICON’s ambition to realise a new collection of eyewear which offers an alternative to the industry’s current market.

No corners have been cut or time spared in the development of these unique glasses, with the choice of lenses truly allowing both the Aerotech and Aerocomfort to stand clear of their market rivals. With unique NXT® materials providing supreme protection combined with SCN-XT photochromic lenses which feature unparalleled agility to cope with variable lighting conditions, SCICON continues to stick to its origins as a cycling innovator.

The NXT® technology sees its roots in the development of attack helicopters, as the military sought to create a material capable of possessing both immense visual properties and bulletproof capabilities. For many years, this was unknown to the cycling market, where many brands chose to use materials which were cheaper and also capable of providing high-end aesthetics for the consumer seeking to spend less for their purchase.

Made entirely in Italy, SCICON continues its reputation as a market leader of cycling products which meet the standards of those purchasing Italian goods, expecting only the best from cycling’s heartland. SCICON’s Marketing Strategist and eyewear specialist, Claudio Fantin, said of the collection – “Having spent over 20 years in the sports eyewear sector working with world-class athletes, I’ve learnt every small detail of the production and development process of these products. This experience meant that when SCICON decided to enter this world, working with Essilor® Sun Solution™ NXT® lenses was our priority and we are proud to collaborate with them.”

Technical performance eyewear demands the versatility to match the requirements of the athletes themselves, as well as the conditions within which they may be competing or training amongst. For this reason, SCICON chose to collaborate closely with Essilor® Sun Solution, facilitating the intention to only use premium materials which would genuinely provide alternative and incomparable performance in regards to the current eyewear market.

SCICON Eyewear

Whereas many of the familiar eyewear names chose polycarbonate materials to construct their lenses from, which often prove liable to scuffs and scratches, SCICON understood the value in investing in higher quality technology. It is in this respect that the use of NXT® lenses truly outlines SCICON as an individual, demonstrating immense quality of vision and protection from damage, known previously only to the military.

It is easy to think that the focus upon performance or high quality materials has bypassed the fact that eyewear’s ultimate consideration needs to be a design which is comfortable and does the job of protecting your vision seamlessly. Here SCICON provides innovative ergonomics at the fore with Flexi Fit temple and three varieties of interchangeable double click nose pads ensuring the perfect fit for every face. Pair this with two interchangeable fenders, either sprint or regular, for an additional safety close and the result is 30 ergonomic options in one set of sunglasses.

SCICON offers any athlete, from the burgeoning young talent to the dedicated veteran, the confidence to ride whenever and however they choose. When performance such as SCICON’s is so assured and effortless, it allows the individual to focus purely on being their best and edging closer to the goals that we all share and strive for.

Choosing to #SeeTheWorld with SCICON allows all to share in the vision and ambition which first ignited the idea to conceive a range of eyewear capable of challenging long standing brands; doing so through the use of unique and innovative technologies.

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