86 Trips, 1 SCICON Aerocomfort, 0 Damages

Stories from a very satisfied costumer!

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James Jordan popped up on twitter a few months ago with this tweet:

We at Scicon got in touch with him and asked him a bit more about his travels with his AeroComfort Plus (the previous model to the current AeroComfort 2.0) and he told us that he makes around about 10-30 trips with his bike in and around Australia every year and has never had any issues with his Scicon Bike bag:

Having returned home from the Tour Down Under, again having seen and hear the comments made about the trials and tribulations that people have travelling with a bike makes me really appreciate my Scicon AeroComfort bike bag


James happily admits to being MAMIL (Middle-Aged-Man-In-Lycra if you didn’t already know) , which means he have one of those bikes that costs about as much as a small car.  The fact that he is so willing to travel with it is something that surprises quite a few of both his riding and non-riding friends.

The AeroComfort Plus has been serving James well for quite a few years now.  Just before the 2015 Tour Down Under he did some back-of-an-envelope calculations and realised that over its life it was about to undertake its 81st and 82nd flights.  In the picture that James tweeted, the bag almost looks new!

All the straps, padding and zippers are all still working, which is a fact that I find most impressive. It is really quite a feat when you consider what you hear about how baggage handlers treat luggage. It is a testament to the standard of construction and material.

James reiterates that during all his travels, the bike has never suffered even the smallest piece of damage.

James went on to list the main things he believes sets the AeroComfort apart from other bike bags:

1. The construction of the bag, padding in all the right places and the solid frame mount- you really do gain a sense of confidence that your bike will be returned to you unharmed from its time in the tender mercies of the airline, taxi drivers and security.

2. How the bike fits into the bag.  The fact that you do not have to pull the bike to pieces is a major factor in what makes this bag stand out from the rest.  Pulling a bike apart, and putting it back together with limited resources, generates a huge amount of stress that can really take away from a trip.

As a thank you to James for being a Scicon Superfan we sent him a brand new AeroComfort 2.0.

Regardless of the damage that I have seen caused by bikes not taken apart and packed correctly (particularly in relation to derailleur hangers) the trouble is with getting everything back in place the way that you like it. This can make the first ride of a trip a bit of a stop and go effort so that you can break out the multi tool to make adjustments. You also have to consider that last ride before you have to pack up and vacate the hotel room. I can have my bike into the bag in about 10 minutes and as a result, a morning ride before I leave is really no problem. For those who have to pull apart their bike it general means that this a task that needs to be undertaken the night before you leave. This has been an interesting discussion with my mates and has resulted in quite a few buying their own AeroComfort bags.


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