Stress no more, 8 Ways to Reduce Travel Anxiety

Eight easy ways to reduce the pain around air travel – especially when you #bringyourbike 

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Suffer from anxiety when you travel? It’s a common creator of stress, whatever form of transport you’re taking. Whether it’s hitting traffic in the car, delays on trains, airport and air travel anxiety – everyone has their moments when it comes to traveling.  

Here are eight easy was to reduce the pain around air travel – especially when you #bringyourbike

Plan ahead, book early, check in online
In short, the more organised you are, the easier your travel will be. Plan your travel itinerary well in advance, knowing how much time you need to get to each destination; book your travel early, including the travel to get to the airport in the first place, and check-in online to save yourself time when at the airport.  

Taking your bike with you? Pack with Scicon Bags
We take the stress out of traveling, making it quick, easy and secure to fly with your bike. Choose between a bike box or a bike bag depending on which suits your needs better – check out our interactive comparison to learn more.The AeroComfort 3.0 bike bags and AeroTech Evolution X bike travel case both offer a high level of protection for your bike so that you can rest easier on your journey. 

Know your weight limits
Know your airline’s baggage allowances, and weigh your bags before leaving home – especially if you’re taking your bike. Not sure how? Simply take your weight stood on scales as you are, then pick up your bag and take it again. The difference = the weight of the bag. And don’t forget, you can split your baggage between your bike bag too! Given the low weight of Scicon Bags, there’s room to play with. 

Eat well beforehand
Airplane food isn’t everyone’s favourite … If you’re a nervous traveller, then at least you’ll not be fretting while hungry too. 

Sometimes the airport lounges are cheaper than you think, and cost less than spending on convenience store food in the terminal. It gets you away from the hectic terminal with people rushing all around you, and can prove a peaceful break before your travel. 

Book your seats
Low cost airlines claim they randomly allocate seats, so if you’re a group and want to sit together, don’t leave it to chance or down to begging at the airport – pay the small fee to choose your seat (it’s often as low as €5). 

Avoid peak times
If you have the luxury and flexibility of choosing when you fly, try not to travel at the weekends or during public or school holidays. Otherwise, aim for during the day between 11-4pm, this is a generally quieter time for airports … save the stress in any way possible. 

Treat yourself
A little bit of retail therapy might be just what you need to take your mind off traveling, and it gives you a little something extra for when you’re on holiday or at your destination.