7 Essential Tricks for Your Best Cycling Holiday Yet

Here’s 7 easy but essential tips to make sure for a better holiday.

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1 – Do your research

If you want to have a steady week away with your bike and riding pals on the flats, you don’t want to end up staying in the hilliest part of the region, or stuck in a mountain valley. If you’re training for a hilly race or event, then all the better. Make sure you know your location is a good fit, that your accommodation suits your (rather demanding) needs as a cyclist … a good sized buffet always comes in handy, and that the hotel / villa is bike friendly. Want to follow the pros? Here’s an inside look at where some of the world’s best cyclist and triathletes head for their spring training camps.


2 – Pick your friends wisely

You’ll most probably be holidaying with friends from your usual riding group, but if you don’t know who you’ll be riding alongside, be sure to check what level the group is at in order to avoid any surprises when you start training. Too fast and you’ll be fighting not to be left behind … to slow, and you’ll spend your time up the road on your own like the newest breakaway specialist in the WorldTour. So your best option – go with riders of a similar level to you.

3 – Pack your bike with a Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 bike travel bag

Whether travelling with your road bike, MTB or triathlon machine, there’s a custom bag designed to suit your bike with the minimum disassembly needed – meaning more time out on the bike when on holiday. See how easy it is to pack your road bike with this bag in this How To Pack video.

4 – Be airport ready

By this, we mean book in your bike in advance with the chosen airline and arrive early at the airport. When travelling with your bike there can be more time required to get through the check-in process. Make sure that you’ve pre-booked a bag for your bike as large / sports luggage, as most airlines limit the number of oversized bags they will allow. You don’t want to be the one who has their bike turned away and left at home.

5 – Plan your routes in advance … but leave a bit of room for exploring

You don’t want to arrive on holiday and spend the first day looking at detailed maps of the region or asking locals for the best routes to ride. Make sure you plan some rides, or at least destinations, in advance so you have a pre-planned idea where you can set off to. Although, it’s always fun to leave some time for exploring new roads or ‘that climb over there’ that looks like it poses a good challenge. Sometimes you find the best roads by not following the crowd.

6 – Pack your kit well in advance

Make sure that you’ve got everything in order for your holiday when it comes to kit and other ride essentials. You don’t want to be packing the night before you travel only to realize you should have gone to the bike shop to stock up on inner tubes, or your favorite cycling shorts are still dirty in the laundry basket. Be prepared and pack early. Make a checklist to keep it as easy as possible not to forget anything. Remember enough cycling kit, helmet, glasses, shoes, nutrition, bottles, puncture repair kit and tubes, pump … and the usual essentials you’d have when heading out for a ride at home.

7 – You’re ready, so make your bike ready

Let’s be honest, when you get to your destination, feel the sun and warmth on your newly exposed skin, and see the most perfect riding roads roll out in the distance, all you’ll want to do is get out on your bike. The last thing you’ll want to do is go to head out and realise your gears aren’t working, you’ve run out of brake or the like. So, it’s a smart move to thoroughly check your bike over. We recommend a fresh set of tyres too, and giving the bike a good clean. More kudos when you roll up to the coffee stop each day.

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