60-Second Interview with triathlete Tyler Butterfield



Two-time Olympian Tyler Butterfield is now also one of the top Ironman triathletes in the world having ranked 5th at the Kona World Championships last year. He’s constantly travelling the world from race to race to training camp to race with his Scicon AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag. 

He managed to spare a minute out of his jam-packed training and race schedule to discuss fears, achievements and, of course, bike bags. 




Photo by Trimax Hebdo


Biggest fear?  Looking back and wishing I had of put in more effort

Greatest obstacle? Being pulled in too many directions

Superstitions? None

Biggest achievement? Winning Abu Dhabi, 5th and 7th in Kona. 

Favourite cycling destination? Alpe d’Huez. I love it so much that I climbed the pass 4 times in one day because I was having so much fun.

Favourite song to work out to? I’m always listening to Pandora. I like to mix it up.

Spirit animal? A Deer. I’m scared of everything!

Good luck charm? I love having my kids at races.

One thing nobody knows? I seem super easy and calm to most people but my wife would tell you otherwise. 

Never have I ever… Cheated

Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? I can pack my bike in less than 10 minutes!


Tyler Butterfield  travels with the AeroComfort Triathlon and uses the Scicon Racebelt, Race Rain Bag and Fuel Bag


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