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Many girls have the idea of a romantic trip as being a pricey spa weekend or a week of lounging on a beach somewhere exotic. The last thing on their mind is a week on a saddle and severe tan lines.

However, as you know, cycling can be an awesome adventure and you’d love not to spend another summer holiday wandering around another bazaar in search for a pashmina holding all the shopping bags and suffering from acute sunstroke.




So here are some tips on how to persuade your beau to break from the norm embark on a cycling holiday with you!

1. Make it seem like it it’s their idea. Be a spin doctor, use stuff they’ve said out of context and make it fit into what you want to do. “People are more likely to be persuade to complete a task if it’s made to seem like their idea.” Says Steve Martin, coauthor of the bestselling book Yes! 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to be more Persuasive. Example: Your girlfriend is sitting in front of the TV watching a travel documentary and exclaims: “Wow, I’d love to explore somewhere like that!” This is your queue to book the ticket and pack the lycra and explain after that it was her idea.

2. Use that magic little word: ‘imagine’. “Just imagine, you and me, cycling through the breathtaking scenery of Austrian Alps with the wind in our hair, stopping for some a romantic picnic, cuddling-up in a cosy chalet at night….” This technique paints a vivid picture in your woman’s head of pleasure and she’ll be online booking that chalet before you can say Alberto Contador.

3. Buy her cool kit. This works for two reasons: the first being that it plants the cycle seed i.e. your lovely lady will see the cute new jersey and it will make her want to go try it out; and secondly, if they don’t, then they’ll feel guilty which you can use to your advantage by actively increasing guilt levels until she caves in. My boyfriend is a master of this tactic and it works every time. However, and please take heed of this next bit- make sure you have the right size- because there is nothing worse than ill-fitting lycra.

4. Make sure she’s comfortable. Closely linked with the previous point, make sure that she has good-padded shorts, a broad-enough saddle and raise the handlebars on her bike. One of the reasons your girlfriend may be put off the idea of cycling is the fact that it can be excruciatingly painful ‘down there’. They really are not exaggerating when complaining about how bad it hurts. Bikes are just not really designed anatomically for women and so if you want your woman to spend a few days cycling, you had better make sure that she’s going to be able to enjoy it fully.

5. Give first. Can’t pry her away from the idea of a beach holiday? Let her have it and think of it as an investment. “People are psychologically conditioned to return a favour” according to psychology website Erupting Minds “and instinctively, we’ve known this one all along.” We can see this every day, when you buy a drink for someone, they’ll feel obliged to buy the second round. If you let your girlfriend have her way at first, she should feel compelled to go on a holiday that you choose next time.

6. Ask for more than you expect. Most people feel guilty when they say no. So start by asking for something unrealistic e.g. “Can we go cycle the length of the Great Wall of China?” (Okay, maybe a bit over the top but you get the idea…) Then, make the second request—the real request—which will then automatically seem like a compromise and they’ll be more likely to comply.

7.  It’s not always about what you ask but when you ask. In ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ Robert B. Cialdini, a respected social scientist and specialist in the area of compliance psychology, says that “People are at their most persuasive after being thanked.” So, clean out the bins, fix that broken lamp that’s been annoying her or buy her that new DVD she’s wanted and then pop that question.

Once you’ve succeeded in persuading her that a cycling holiday is the way forward. The last thing you want is to get there to find that your bikes have been trashed in transit. It will put a huge damper on the trip and could potentially put your girlfriend off for life. So buy a top quality bike bag, Scicon are the leader in bike transportation and will ship worldwide. We are also the only bike bag company with a TSA licence and approved locks which means less hassle for you at the airport.


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