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Pack safe and ride fast at high altitude with Scicon travel partner Altitude Training, a company founded by former pro cyclist Thomas Desonay from Belgium. 



After having spent years racing all over the world, Tom is eager to share his love of cycling and enthusiasm for coaching with our guests. He also knows how important is having the right bike bags on his side. Scicon Bags was his first choice as bike bag partner when he decided to create the Pro/Amateur camp concept. With more than 40 camps for 2016, the main qualities of the bike bag for Thomas should be : Security, Fast Packing and Easy to Transport. Scicon has already mastered theses qualities since a long time and establish himself as the perfect bike bag for professional or just cycling enthusiasts

The question was : How to keep my bike safe all year long? Scicon obviously provides the easiest  the safest and the lightest bike bags ever and we then decided that all of our costumers should also have the opportunity to get one. 

A bit more about training at altitude

Training at high altitude is a key performace booster for athletes. Due to there being less oxygen available at high altitude, your body will produce more red blood cells which will then increase the uptake of oxygen to your muscles so that you can perform at your best.


The Altitude Training Programme

Each of the training camps offer advice on training programmes, race schedules, power meter use alongside more specific activities like threshold training, sprints, close a gap & crosswind riding. There are different types of training camps, you can even request a custom camp built around your and/or your teams needs. There are also multiple destinations from Sunny Mallorca to the luxurious Monte CarloFurthermore, Altitude Training also offer trips and tours around the World including next year’s World Championship in Qatar and winter trips to sunnier destinations like California. Check out the full list and map here.


How Scicon is Involved


Scicon will providing all camp participants with the opportunity to travel safely with a Scicon bike bag or case. Furthermore, we’ll also be providing every camp participant with a personalised rainbag which add to the pro experience. This rainbags is the same as pro cyclists from teams such as Tinkoff-Saxo, Cannondale-Garmin and Orica-Greenedge are using. 

Commenting on the partnership, Christian Pearce, Sales and Marketing Manager at Scicon Bags said:

We are proud to enter yet another important partnership with a premium cycling travel operator. Thomas’ venture with Altitude Training has just recently started and we are already impressed by the services customers will enjoy joining Altitude Training camps. We share the same target audience with Altitude Training and are delighted to be able to contribute with premium bike bags to enable safe bike travel to training camps and custom kit bags to support a real pro experience.


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