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Scicon have been leader in bike transportation since they were founded in 1980 and have developed numerous revolutionary products over the past few decades. Today, on April 1st 2015, we unveil our latest innovation- the AeroCardboard Evolution.

The Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA bike box has been meticulously redesigned to create a product that exceeds all expectations to deliver the lightest and most economical product for travelling with your bike. Weighing only 1.2kg, it’s exactly 10 times lighter than its predecessor and dramatically lighter than any other bike case on the market. 

We at Scicon invest a large amount of time and resources in research and development and have been working on the AeroCardboard Evolution Bike box for many years now. CEO Massimo Fantin explains: 

Scicon has reinvented the bike box with the new AeroCardboard Evolution®, and at just 1200 grams it is the lightest Scicon bike box ever. Every component of the new AeroCardboard Evolution® reveals a new dimensions of efficiency in manufacturing and usability. From use of lightweight materials and reduction of complexity to the removal of unnecessary features, the AeroCardboard Evolution® is the future of bike boxes.

The idea evolved from competitor analysis. We found that our biggest and most threatening competition came not from another bike box brand but from the cardboard box. Sales and Marketing Manager Christian Pearce expands on this: 

Research revealed that the vast majority of cyclists insist on completely dismantling their bike and to squash it into what is essentially a giant cereal box.

Endless research, with the support of several external consulting firms and conceptual experimentation guided by leading product engineers and designers from the aerospace industry revealed a new leeway to further grow the brand. We knew that if we would measure ourselves with a flimsy cardboard box, whatever we would develop, would have to be the best cardboard box ever made.  And we have made it: the AeroCardboard Evolution. 

aerocardboard-big-image (1)

The use of highest quality, corrugated cardboard  material with 275 Mullen BC triple-wall board technology- the strongest on the market today, brings a new dimension into the manufacture of bike boxes.

We opted to keep the patented silhouette of our award-winning AeroTech bike box which has been developed and perfected for over two decades. 

Although the predecessor, the Scicon AeroTech Evolution TSA is the only bike case worldwide with official license to carry TSA locks, Scicon has found an even better way to allow quick and easy access to customs authorities.

Every AeroCardboard Evolution is equipped with a conveniently packed roll of 4 max strength performance duct tape with improved technical specifications and an integrated heavy-duty snap off utility knife with cushioned grip for safer handling.

The extremely practical and clever accessory bag to store the seatpost, saddle, pedals and tools, formerly made out of Denier Nylon, has been completely reinvented to deliver a retro appearance. A flat, brown paper bag with side gusset with the finish of the AeroCardboard Evolution and will soon be made available as accessory in further color options and finishes.

This clever multi-purpose bag allows the use also for unconventional occasions. If travelling to the USA, the bag can double-up as a disguise for hard liquor if one should fancy a sly swig in public…




Pricing & Availability

The all-new AeroCardboard Evolution will begin shipping on Monday 6th April through through the Scicon website and our authorized dealers & distributors.

The AeroCardboard Evolution comes with a roll of max strength duct tape, tape cut tool & brown paper accessories bag starting at €99.



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  1. Charli Hoffmann says:

    whaaaaat!??! obviously I need this!!!

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    Great April fool joke guys

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    Nice joke Guys. if you are serious, I’ll be interested to buy the bag for R50.00.

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    nice April Fools joke especially the price. I will pay max R 250.00 because of the wheels.