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Scicon started producing the AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag in January 2014 and already it’s the number 1 choice for travelling triathletes everywhere. We currently sponsor over 130 professional triathletes including Danish triathlon superstar Michelle Vesterby. 

More about Michelle…

Denmark’s top female triathlete is one of the fastest in the sport and always has a smile on her face. Her logo ‘Keep Smiling’ represent Vesterby’s mantra: 

Life isn’t always worth smiling at, but if you meet the world with an open and positive mind, you’ll get so much more out of it.

Michelle is, as all triathletes at here level are, always travelling from race to training camp back to race and so on. She’s been using the AeroComfort Triathlon for a few months now. She tells us: 

I’ve tried a lot of different bike bags but the Scicon simply makes my life on the road so much easier. I can pack and unpack my (own) bike in less than 10 minutes which is really important for me. I don’t want it to be too complicated and I just want it to be easy – and it really is! I know that my bike is in the best hands and I should not worry about how my bike looks when I arrive. So I’m now travelling safely and girly at the same time – That’s a totally win /win situation


More about the bike bag…

What exactly sets this bike bag apart from all the others? Well, for a start, the fact that it’s been designed around the whole geometry of TT bikes with special attention to seat post and aerobars, adding further comfort, functionality and protection. It’s also super lightweight in comparison to bike boxes yet still offers a high level of protection in all the right places. 

Based on the award winning concept of the original AeroComfort bike bag with Antishock Bike Frame, we have created a product which complements a good bike fit (and lack of mechanical skills!) by allowing the original settings to remail fully intact, while providing top level protection. 

The collaboration…

Michelle has added her own touches to create her signature edition. Despite the fact that she’s one of the strongest and fastest women on this planet, she’s still a bit of a girly girl and her favourite colour is pink hence the hot pink stripes and straps on the outside and inside of the bag. In her own words: 

In a male dominated sport I LOVE to stand out as a woman and what better way to that then to go PINK! There’s nothing more girly than the colour pink and I don’t see it as a sign of weakness at all, it makes you stand out and tells the world “Here I am and I’m not affriad to show it! 

She also wanted to spread the positivity by adding her ‘Keep Smiling’ logo on the bottom right of the bag. The inspiration for this stems from two places. The first is Michelle’s love for swimming, running and cycling and the second is her late brother Mark: 

My ‘Keep Smiling’ logo was developed because I think it’s important to love what you do. I don’t do triathlon because someone tells me to- I do it because I love every part of the sport! We all have bad times when we’re suffering, but these are the times that it’s most important to stay positive. A smile gets you so much farther in life!

My brother Mark died back in 2006, we was disabled but never complained. He always had a big smile on his face. That’s one of my biggest motivations in life- he reminds me that even when it hurts, to never give up. Just keep smiling anf live life! 



Click here to get your very own Michelle Vesterby Signature Series AeroComfort Triathlon.

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