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RAAMIN 4 CHARITY supported by Scicon Bags in their Race Across America. 



RAAMIN 4 CHARITY are 4 amateur cyclists from the UK and Canada who are about to embark on one of the toughest sporting feats on the planet- to ride 3070 miles, 180,000 feet of climbs, 12 states, coast to coast across the USA in 6 days, non-stop. 

It all started last October when Phil Brown watched a youtube video of another team doing RAAM and forwarded it to 3 of his cycling buddies- Sam Baxter, Adam Broyad and Dan Augello asking if they’d be up for it and they all responded within 10 minutes with resounding yeses. And thus the project was borne. 




I watched the video and though ‘This is something worth doing’. 5 Weeks later our entry was in. 

– Phil Brown 

The Race



The team aim to cover over 500 miles a day on their Trek bikes. They’ll be riding across the Arizona desert, through the Rockies and up and down the Appalachian Mountains accompanied by a crew of 13 which includes 2 bike mechanics, a physiotherapist, nutritionist plus several drivers who’ll be driving a 40ft RV and two support vehicles plus an inordinate amount of equipment. 


The Training

The journey, of course, started long before the race itself. All 4 members of the team had a very high level of base fitness to start with, they are all avid cyclists and have been for many years. Their training for RAAM has all been done with Train Sharp comprising of lots of very, very long ride to build pace and endurance including a few double-day tests alongside night training and heat chamber training at St Mary’s University. 

The training for us has been quite unique- usually we’re training for shorter distances. Even 200 or 250 km you end up treating like a sprint by comparison to this. 

– Sam Baxter

The Logistics

A saddle bag with a punture repair kit and spare inner tube simply won’t do when your ride is over 3000 miles. The team are travelling with a huge amount of equipment; bikes, clothing, spares, nutrition and much, much more. Here’s a quick infographic overview of the equipment per rider to give you an insight




The team were lucky enough to get Sigma Sport and Trek‘s support at an early stage of the project. Sigma Sport helped by providing the bikes, associated kit and all of the spares for the race. They also undertook bike fits for each of the 4 riders on both the road and TT bikes, and have provided countless hours of advice on kit, setup options, etc.

The most important bits of equipment are of course the team’s Trek bikes which will be travelling across the atlantic safely packed into Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA. They’ll be using the Trek Factory Racing editon for the Trek Madone road bikes and the AeroComfort Triathlon for their Trek Speed Concepts (TT bikes). 

With Scicon we are confident that the bikes we are so dependent on will turn up in Los Angeles in one piece. The design and ease of packing of the AeroComfort bike bags is phenominal.

– Adam Broyad



During the race itself, the team will also be using the new Scicon Race Rain Bag – a product that’s been developed and refined with the help of our pro teams including Tinkoff and Orica-Greenedge. The Race Rain bag is a great time saver and with help the RAAMIN 4 CHARITY riders and crew locate kit and nutrition throughout the race. 

Having this bag during the race means that we can have our kit organised and ready- it will be our lifeline for the whole week. It makes the whole logistics of keeping us clothed, warm, fed and moving that much easier. 

– Dan Augello

The Fundraising 

RAAMIN 4 CHARITY is aiming to raise money in aid of Great Ormond Street Childrens’ Charity and The Aplastic Anaemia Trust. Both are extremely worthwhile organisations that focus respectively on the health and treatment of poorly children and the support of sufferers with and research into Aplastic Anaemia, a chronic disease that leaves it’s sufferers with very low red and white blood cell counts and leaves them open to infection and chronic fatigue. 

The team have first hand experience of their charities’ sterling work, with one of the riders suffering from Aplastic Anaemia and his nephew having been cared for by the wonderful team at Great Ormond Street Hospital as a baby. 

The team’s target is to raise £100,000 and they are almost a third of the way there. They’ve received a huge amount of support 

After race finish, the riders will be auctioning off their stable of Trek bikes and Scicon bags at a homecoming event near London. You can follow the guys during the race (and help support them in this huge challenge) by visiting www.raamin4charity.com.


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