Polar Explorer Ben Saunders travels with Scicon Bags to Mallorca 312



Ben Saunders is best known for spending 4 months walking 1,800 miles across The Antartic following the route of the ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition led by Captain Robert Falcon Scott. He’s actually been leading ploar expeditions professionally for 14 years now but modestly shys from the title of ‘Polar Explorer’ stating that “it’s aways seemed a bit too grand to have printed on a business card.”

Ben prefers the term ‘Professional Athlete’ although acknowledges that he is slightly peculiar and ultra-ultra-endurance niche in respect to this title (his most recent expedition- Scott Expedition– was nearly 70 back-to-back marathons in Antartica). 

However, Ben tells us that he has been a cyclist for a lot longer than he’s been dragging sledges around polar icecaps: 

I’d underestimated the physical and mental toll that the Scott Expedition would take on, and it took me most of 2014 to recover fully, but, towards the end of the year I started getting itchy feet and looking around for some new goals for the coming years. I started looking at bike-related challenges , and the Mallorca 312, which is Europe’s longest single-day sportive- 312 km non-stop- was something I’d wanted to do for years. 

Life after Antartica has involved a lot of flying around the world, telling the story to sponsors and at corporate events.  I was lucky enough to spend time in 11 countries last year, and crossed the Atlantic nine times, so sticking to a training schedule between now and April means flying with my bike whenever I can, so I’m hugely grateful to have Scicon’s support. As well as pushing the limits of human endurance, Antarctica taught me a fair bit about the importance of packing well and looking after vital pieces of equipment, and my Aerocomfort 2.0 is the best bike bag I’ve ever used. We’ll both be in the air a lot this year, and I’m looking forward to touching down in Mallorca at the end of April for a slightly warmer athletic challenge…

Scicon is Official Sponsor of the 2015 Mallorca 312 and is offering all participants an exclusive 30% discount on the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA and Aerotech Evolution TSA. Participants will receive discount during the registration process or can use code: MALLORCA312PROMO on pro-store.it.


Sunrise cycling @ Grand Canarias


Mallorca 312



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