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There is one thing that a lot of age groupers DON’T have but should. True, age-groupers (AGs) have awesome bikes, wetsuits, wheels, the newest GPS, and heart rate monitors. Sometimes they have newer and nicer ones than the PROs have. But what every PRO has that the AGs necessarily don’t are bike bags. Usually it’s because most AGs just don’t criss cross the country or the globe to race and train. They’ll drive and compete locally and when they do go hit up a larger race they’ll put their five-thousand dollar bike in a cardboard box and pay to ship it to the race.

Why? Why ship it in a box instead of investing in a bag? It’s not because its cheaper in the long run. It’s most definitely not. I’d say 90 percent of the time its over fear of breaking the bike down and putting it all back together again a day or so before the race. With most bags you have to take of the bars, pedals, wheels, derailleur, saddle and so on. Then when you get into your hotel room at the race you have to put it all back together. Meaning you have to bring all your tools with you and make sure you torque everything correctly. Most every athlete is stressed before the race and they avoid the extra stress by paying someone else to handle it. But if you’re like me you’ve been burned by a local mechanic. Most are great, but they’re not your local shop handling your prized bike.

Scicon thought about this. They put in the time and money to create a bag that’s as easy to use as riding a bike! All you have to do with the AeroComfort Triathlon to put your bike in is something that every cyclist/triathlete has done countless times when putting their bike in the car or changing a flat. Just pop the wheels off. Yep, you read that right. Take the wheels off, slide the bike in the case, pop the wheels in the SAME case, zip it up and your ready to conquer any race no matter how long the trip is. You’ll find yourself using the bag when flying halfway around the world for a championship event, and just using it for some added protection when loading up the car to defend your hometown race title!

No more packing wrenches. No more stress about knocking your derailleur. No more worries about saddle hight. You’re an athlete. Whether PRO or AG all you should be worrying about is your race. Don’t stress. Go grab yourself the best bags in the business. Join the Scicon family. And travel like a PRO!


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