60-Second Interview with Triathlete Michelle Vesterby



Denmark’s top female triathlete is one of the fastest in the sport and always has a smile on her face. This positive and upbeat attitude has clearly served her well in long distance triathlon where she has an impressive collection of wins and podium spots alongside a huge fanbase of triathlete enthusiasts. 

Michelle takes a minute out of her busy training and racing schedule to talk workout tunes, favourite cycling destination and bike bags. 



Photo credit: Jesper Gronnemark 


Biggest fear? Free falling. All humans are born with this fear. I cannot shake mine. 

Superstitions? Pre-race nail painting. Can’t race without them done!

Biggest achievement? 4th at Kona last year. 

Favourite cycling destination? Lanzarote

Favourite song to work out to? AC/DC Highway to Hell. Gets me going everytime…this is because 9 times out of 10, when it comes on during a workout, I genuinely feel like I am on the highway to hell!

Spirit animal? Lioness. Strong and fierce. 

Good luck charm? I have this little PINK lucky troll I bring wherever I race!

One thing nobody knows? I make a terrible ballerina. 

Never have I ever… been done for drafting. Clean record and proud of it! I race hard and honestly!

Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? That I don’t have to bring my bike bitch – I can pack it on my own!


Michelle has a signature series edition AeroComfort Triathlon in pink with ‘Keep Smiling’ written on the bottom right corner. Get yours here



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