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Being a professional triathlete, racing around the world can become logistically difficult at times due to the amount of equipment we usually need to haul around from race to training camp to race.

Before triathlon, I spent 15 years as a professional runner. This was a much simpler life when travelling as all I needed to pack was my race spikes, singlet and shorts and off I went with my carry-on backpack to race anywhere in the world.


Now as a triathlete, I need to cart a huge amount of equipment and kit around including my bike, sets of spare race wheels, a helmet, wetsuits, swim gear, run gear etc etc.

I race every month of the year, and during the summer months I’ll be checking in and out of airports every week or two. For this reason, The Scicon AeroComfort Triathlon is perfect me and my life. The fact that I can quickly and easily pack my bike into the AeroComfort bike bag without disassembling the handlebars and seat post is a major advantage for me. All you have to do is remove the wheels and fix the rear-derailleur protector and you’re good to go! It’s definitely made my transition to triathlon easier. 


Considering I’ll repeat this process a good 30+ times per year, it’s important to me that it be quick, easy and simple every time. Also, if you’ve had a bike fit done, the AeroComfort is perfect because nothing on your bike needs adjusted unlike most other bike bags and boxes where you have to remove the seatpost, saddle, handlebars, aerobars etc.This means that you’re practically race ready as soon as you touch down!

Learn more about the AeroComfort Triathlon here.




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