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We stumbled across Matthew Burton’s quirky illustrations in Peloton magazine last year and have been hooked ever since.



Cycling and Art is a combination that’s becoming increasingly popular amongst classy publications like Rouleur, Peloton, Cyclist and Pedalier who are often opting to swap photos for drawings and infographics for illustrations.

With a background in fine art and an avid cycling fan, Matthew brought his two passions together and has been hugely successful. Click the gallery button at the top of the page to have a look at some of his other illustrations. 

I studied as a fine artist, however, after leaving university I found it increasingly difficult to justify making conceptual art outside the bubble of the art college environment. Nevertheless, I still needed to satiate my creative desires and so started drawing again, this coincided with me rediscovering my love for cycling.

Matthew enjoys embarking on two-wheeled adventures so we sent him an AeroComfort 2.0 bike bag to try out. He loved it.

The AeroComfort has been a revelation to me. I was astounded by the ease with which the bike went in.

Because of this, Burton uses it every time he travels, by plane, train and car.

Matthew sent us a couple of illustrations that he did of the AeroComfort 2.0 and he also did one of the AeroTech Evolution bike box too.



We were keen to know more about Matthew’s process so we asked him to do an illustration of the Trek Factory Racing edition AeroComfort 2.0 (as used by the team) and film it. Have a watch-



Get your very own Trek Factory Racing edition bike bag here.

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