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The Bold and The Beautiful soap star and triathlon enthusiast Katherine Kelly Lang clocks up over 100K airmiles every year with her bike packed into the AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag.



America soap star Katherine Kelly Lang  spends a huge amount of her time flying: travelling around the globe promoting her clothing line or competing in various triathlons. She takes her bike everywhere with her because she’s pretty much constantly in training for the next triathlon she wants to tick off her list.

Last week when we arrived in Australia we brought our stuff into the lobby of the hotel we were staying, unpacked our bikes from the Scicon bike bags and put on our lycra and went out for a 100 mile ride. We didn’t even check into our rooms- that’s the way we travel. This is why the bags are so important to us, they’re amazing- we just love them. So quick to pack and unpack- it’s perfect. We go everywhere with them, everytime we fly.

She tells us that she clocks up about 100,000 air miles per year and all with her Pinarello (her bike sponsor) safely packed into her AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag. She does an average of 4 long-distance triathlon events every year and a couple of marathons and granfondos on top of that! This year she’s doing Ironman Arizona, Challenge Roth and Ironman Australia. Last year she tackled the Holy Grail of long distance triathlon: The Ironman World Championships in Kona. 

Surprisingly, Kelly only started doing triathlons 3 years ago when a group from her TV show decided to do the Malibu Triathlon– a triathlon in the LA/Malibu area that attracts many celebrity names including Jennifer Lopez, Matthew McConaughey, Eddie Izzard who have all participated at the event among many more household names. They even have a ‘celebrity division’.

The Bold and The Beautiful team actually took home gold in 2013 and Kelly has been hooked on the sport ever since. She progressed quickly up to doing half Ironman and then moved up to Ironman. Kelly is also a member of the Women for Tri board which aims to encourage more women to get into triathlon. 

My ultimate goal with triathlon is just to really enjoy it and inspire others to try the sport. My partner Dominique and I love to travel, getting to see different countries and cultures through different races and experiences. Scicon maes this possible with the AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag which is quick and easy to pack, lightweight and protective. 



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