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One of the many comforts enjoyed by professional riders is the availability of a race rain bag in their directeur sportif’s cars. Being able to change your gear to avoid getting cold is the ultimate luxury when riding in the rain. This year SCICON® and the Haute Route have teamed up to provide you with yet another service that brings you closer to riding like a pro. The SCICON® Race Bag Service makes it possible for you to access anything you may need during a stage.



Have your all weather cycling gear transported for you throughout the race and access your gear at feed stations. The SCICON® Race Bag is big enough to carry a day’s worth of riding gear, like spare shoes, warmers, gloves, sunglasses etc. Identical to the rain bags used by professional cyclists, the SCICON® Race Bag, will have your name and national flag on it. On top of being extremely useful during the week, it will also be a brilliant souvenir to take home after the Haute Route.

Please note, that the service is exclusive and included only when buying this SCICON® Race Bag in Haute Route design.





Drop off your SCICON® Race Bag in Haute Route Design at the start line and have it transported to a pre-determined feed-station for the day. Your race bag is then available for use when you pass by that feed station. What you put in the bag is entirely up to you; spare cycling gear and a jacket are easy options, as are personal food supplies or anything else you think you may need during the day.



– Your SCICON® Race Bag will be collected in a dedicated van every morning near the start line
– Your SCICON® Race Bag will then be transported to a pre-determined feed station
– The list of the 6 pre-determined feed stations selected for the 6 race days (no service during time trial) will be choosen by race organisers and communicated to riders before the start of the Haute Route
– You can store anything in your SCICON® Race Bag: clothes, shoes, food, mobile devices, etc.
– You will be able to collect your SCICON® Race Bag back at the end of the stage. The van will be parked in the finish village until 6pm to collect your SCICON® Race Bag
– On day 7 (last race day), your SCICON® Race Bag will be available for final collection in the finish village. The van will be parked in the finish village until 6pm to collect your SCICON® Race Bag Note: if the service is cancelled, the service part of your purchase will be refunded.

Bring your experience to the next level.



To celebrate the third year of partnership between the Haute Route and Scicon, we offer Haute Route 2016 participants the chance to win a SCICON® Race Bag + Service, valid for one of the Haute Route 2016 events.



*Competition open only to Haute Route 2016 participants. Closes on the 25th May 2016 at 9.00am. Full terms and conditions here




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