Uncovering Oman, a treasure chest

#GOINGPLACES – XPDTN3 uncover the treasure chest that is Oman by bike.

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Not a name you’d normally associate with packing your bike and heading off for a two wheeled adventure to, Oman turned out to be a hidden jewel in the Middle East for XPDTN3’s Kati Csak. Having jetted into the capital Muscat, Kati and her fellow explorer set about discovering all that the land had to offer, through dessert roads, over mountains and testing dust tracks – a true cycling adventure.

The first day saw the intrepid duo head out for the largest of their three days of riding, leaving the small village of Murri in search of the climb up Jebel Shams Road to end the day. The route, which in reality turned out to be much longer and more rolling than initially expected, took in a combination of tarmacked main roads, as well as the more desired rough single gravel tracks – the real test for the 3T Exploro Gravel bikes the team were riding.

“This rivals European iconic climbs like Ventoux and Alp d’Huez. If it wasn’t for the final 8km stretch of gravel, it would make for a spectacular hilltop finish at the Tour of Oman.”

Having finished day 1 at the one of the highest points in Oman, the start of day 2 saw the riders claim the rewards of the previous day’s efforts, with a long descent down towards Al Hamra. However, after a quick refuel in the village it wasn’t long before the pair were climbing once again, back up onto the ridge to the Sharfat al Alamayn viewpoint, sat at 2,000m altitude.

Following gravel routes graded as for 4x4s only, the riders put the bikes and tires to the test only stopping to take in the jaw-dropping views on the way, finally settling deep into the folds of the mountains for a cosy night’s rest before their final outing.

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Day 3 was once again a tougher test than expected, highlighting just how up and down the terrain in Oman is. Eventually making their desired location, Wadi Sahtan, the pair were treated to the highlight of the trip – riding along a narrow river bed as day 1’s climb of Jebel Shams loomed above. A trip to remember, Oman is becoming more and more of a tourist location – and XPDTN3 have validated its quality as one to be ridden.

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Words and photography by Kati Csak.

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