#GoingPlaces – Altitude Training travel north to ride Norway, with Scicon Bags



There’s a new cycling hot-spot arising, and it’s not one of the usual all-round warm climate hubs that we’re all used to. Look a little further north on the map and you can start to trace your next cycling adventure in Scandinavia, Norway to be precise. Altitude Training is the latest travel company to head to the emerging cycling country to explore its roads, mountains and fjords on two wheels.


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Travelling from Brussels to Trondheim in early August in search of spectacular backdrops with a group of anticipatory guests, and with bikes safely stowed away in the group’s fleet of Scicon AeroComfort ROAD 3.0 TSA bike travel bags, the Altitude Training team set off for a journey to remember. Totalling six days, the group would tackle four days of riding covering 580km in total – experiencing unforgettable views, enigmatic climbs, and even finding themselves relying on torch light half way down a pitch black tunnel … all in the sense of good fun and exploration.

Day one was the longest of the trip, ticking off 210km from the start location of Trondheim. The route did not disappoint on day two, as the riders passed over the famous Atlantic Highway – an engineering feat that sees a road composed of mainly bridges, connect a series of small islands over 8km.



Day three was the queen stage of the visit, heading towards the imposing Trollstigen climb – also known as Trolls Road – through one of the country’s National Tourist Routes. Climbing up a varied gradient with switchbacks and steel slopes, the view from the top is well worth the effort put in to get there.

Finally, ride day four started with an impressive ferry transfer through the Fjords before getting back on the bikes to ride the final 120km leg back to Alesund, completing a one of a kind voyage by bike. Blessed by the weather, the riders only experienced a few hours of rain over the whole trip, with temperatures varying between 15 and the high 20 degrees.




There are so many best bits to pick from, but I can definitely say that besides being incredibly beautiful, Norway also has the kindest and safest drivers in Europe. We had so much fun just riding and enjoying ourselves, even while in the ‘pain cave’ – that’s what cycling’s all about.

The Altitude Training team use a range of Scicon Bags during their travels, including the new Scicon AeroComfort ROAD 3.0 TSA bike travel bags. Have you ridden Norway Yet? If so let us know of your experiences on Twitter and Facebook, using the #bringyourbike.



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