Frederik Van Lierde & Scicon Team Up to Design Custom AeroComfort Triathlon




If you know anything about triathlon, you will of course know the name Frederik Van Lierde. Former Ironman World Champion and current number 5 in the Kona world rankings, Van Lierde is a force to be reackoned with.

He’s been travelling with Scicon Bags for over 3 years now and is completely besotted by the AeroComfort Triathlon which allows his bike settings to stay completely as they are meaning that his bike is always race ready whenever he touches down. 

The AeroComfort Triathlon is safe, fast and it looks good! What more could you want?

We decided to celebrate Van Lierde’s long list of achievements by collaborating with him on a custom AeroComfort Triathlon. Our designers worked closely with Frederik on creating a design that reflects Frederik taste and lifestyle. He choose the colour scheme, blue and turquoise which gradually merge into one another giving the effect of the sea or ocean from the standpoint of a triathlete at the start line of a race.



Frederik’s motto to live by was added to the bottom right-hand corner of the bike bag-

Life is simple

Swim Bike Run

Eat Sleep Travel


We also added his logo which is made up of his initials FVL, just in case of any issues at baggage collection! It’s definitely easy to identify!

This isn’t the first time Frederik has had a special edition Scicon bag. Before the AeroComfort Triathlon model was launched, Frederik often travelled from race to race with the hard shell Aerotech bike box which had his name laser engraved into it.


Frederik Van Lierde AeroTech



After winning Kona in 2013, we also created Van Lierde a special edition AeroComfort Triathlon with a Hawaiian-inspired turtle design.





Currently over 150 professional triathletes like Frederik are choosing to #packsaferidefast in style and ease with the AeroComfort Triathlon bike bag. The FLV edition is not currently available but you can get the classic edition here.

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