60-Second Interview with Trek-Segafredo Rider Fumiyuki Beppu


Fumiyuki Beppu is the most celebrated rider in Japanese history and has spent a decade riding the World Tour circuit. He is known for being one of the kindest and dedicated riders in the pro peloton. He is a strong classics rider with a strong desire to one day win a stage of the Tour De France. 

He sets aside 1 minute from his busy training schedule to talk to Scicon about rollercoasters, Japanese rock music and bike bags. 




Biggest fear? I hate rollercoasters because it feels like you’re crashing and you’re not in control anymore. In cycling my biggest fear is crashing. 

Greatest obstacle? When people are blocking me or telling me that I cannot do it while I’m convinced I can and I just want to keep going. 

Superstitions? In Japan the number 4 brings bad luck. The word for it means ‘dead’ (shi). I don’t like it. And when you are 4th in a race, that means you’re not on the podium so that’s not good either. I do like the number 13, because Marseille, where I first lived in France, has 13 as a city code. 

Biggest achievement? Giving my daughter a golf club for Christmas, with the hope that one day she will be a golf star. 

Favourite cycling destination? I like to go to the beach, but to ride my bike- I love the Valle d’Aosta because for me, it’s the most beautiful place in the world. You find a nice mixture of French, Swiss and Italian culture there. 

Favourite song to work out to? Rock music in general. Right now for example, I’m listening to Sekai no Owari who are a popular band in Japan. I know the DJ of this band by the way, he’s a friend of mine. 

Spirit animal? Is a Ninja an animal? I would say Ninja, but if it has to be a real animal, I would go for a tiger. 

Good luck charm? When I wake up in a really good way, I just know it will be my day!

One thing nobody knows? I really like to talk to people.

Never have I ever… surfed or done skydiving but I would like to try them out. 

Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? I used to have another brand, but the Scicon bag is so useful that I would never change brands again. Your bike is very well protected, it’s easy to transport to and around the airport. Travelling everywhere has become so much easier. 


Fumiyuki travels with the Trek Factory Racing edition AeroComfort 2.0 TSA AeroTech Evolution TSA.

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