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Aerobatic pilot & Red Bull Air Race Flight Operations Manager Dario Costa travels stress free from race to race around the world with the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA bike bag.



Aerobatic pilot Dario Costa spends a huge amount of his time flying: developing race systems and planes, competing, instructing and travelling around the globe to Air Race events and aerobatic events.

Dario has been flying since he was 16, he was a commercial pilot by the time he was 23 and then went on to become a full time aerobatic instructor pilot in Italy at 28. He worked as the Chief Aerobatic Instructor in Milan until 2013 when he joined the Red Bull Air Race Aviation Team.

I’m the happiest man in the world. Flying these planes is a dream come true.

When Dario isn’t in the air he’s often on his bike which he takes to every race with him. It’s part of his fitness regime which is tailored to his needs so that he’s physcially prepared for withstanding high levels of G force.

In this sport you can be exposed to an extraordinarily high level of Gs – both positive and negative – alongside reach speeds of more than  350km/h. To put this in perspective this is almost 3x more G force than you’d experience on a rollercoaster.


Dario Costa 10-1


He rides 10 km every day on his bike come rain or shine, no matter where he is in the world. Not only does cycling help improve Dario’s fitness but he also genuinely enjoys the sport- 

The bike allows you to explore with no filters and no distractions.

His training bike of choice is a Cinelli trackbike. Fixed-gear bikes are simple which Dario likes – no gears and the pedals link directly to the wheels. The constant pedalling makes the ride more intensive than on a regular road or mountain bike. Another benefit is that when riding a trackbike, similarly to flying, you always have to plan ahead and think about your pace, line and potential hazards.




This year Dario is travelling to no less than 8 different countries with his bike including Abu Dhabi, Japan, Hungary and the USA. He’ll be travelling with his bike bag of choice the Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 TSA:

One of the greatest things about travelling with a Scicon bike bag is that you can easily get wherever whenever. Travelling with my bike is not only helping me to keep up my training regime but is also the best tool to explore without limits and I love it and I love the way Scicon makes it so easy. 

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