7 Good Reasons to go on a Cycling Vacation



There’s a reason that the vast majority of training camps and pre-season races in the pro cyling calender take place at this time of year in sunnier places closer to or on the other side of the equator! There only so much riding in the rain and wind!

This is why so many cyclists are now migrating like the pros for one or two weeks in the late Spring. Cycling holidays are the new golf trips and there are now thousands of bike tour operators around the world offering trips tailored to every type of cyclist.

Here are 7 reasons why you pack up you bike (in a Scicon bag or case of course) and book a flight-


1. Get fit for the Summer. Most cycling activities die down due to the drop in temperature and shorter days during the winter months. There’s also the festive period when most of us tend to over-indulge a bit with food and drink. Get back into shape and improve your fitness so that you’re able to make the most of the Summer months.



 2. Socialize. If you sign up for a package through a bike tours operator then you’ll get the chance to meet new people who share a passion for cycling. Or, if you have enough friends and family who like to ride too then book a trip with them.



Photo © La Fuga

3. Pick up new training ideas & tips. Time on the bike with others give you the opportunity to share your tricks and tips with each other.



4. Explore new places. This is one of the main reasons for most people with an adventurous spirit. It’s always interesting and enjoyable to have a change of cycling scenery and to gain an insight into the environment and culture of new places.



5. Chase the sun. Let’s face it, riding in the sunshine is nicer than riding in the freezing cold and in the Spring if you’re travelling somewhere in Southern Europe the chances are it’s not going to be scorching hot (which can be equally unpleasant to the freezing cold), but you’ll definitely catch a few rays.



Photo © Haute Route

6. The chance to push yourself. A whole week of cycling without any of life’s interuptions means you get to really push yourself.



Photo © Altitude Training 

 7. Chill out time. Many of the Bike tour operators and hotels we work with (see list here) tie in plenty of down time too- long lunches & coffee stops, spa treatments, cultural activities etc.


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