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    A Cardboard Box Conundrum

    The world felt like a grim place; winter had been long and cold, snow was thick on the ground, food was tasteless, the wolves would often kill the livestock just to survive the winter, daylight never seemed to make an appearance and a constant greyness in the sky over the past few months made people’s skin turn a translucent white. All this plus, a Queen who ruled with an iron grip. I needed to escape. Read more

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    Three Bike Friendly Hotels

    Hotels where your bike is as welcome as you  aren’t always easy to find. Somewhere secure to store your bicycle, generous portion sizes to refuel post-ride and a place to wash your kit are some of the basics that cyclists need. Here are three bike-friendly boltholes for holidaying cyclists of all budgets…  Read more

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    A tactful guide to travel etiquette

    Much of the thrill of travelling can fade away if you are not prepared for your trip.  Before you recline your seat, pop your earplugs and wait for a round of free snacks and drinks, think again. There is much that can go wrong. Follow some of our tips and be a pleasant companion to your fellow travellers and enjoy your trip. Read more

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    Bicycle Insurance- To Buy or not To Buy?

    Until recently, filing a damage claim with the airline was your only alternative when the bike was damaged in transit but now you have the option of purchasing a 12 month insurance policy to protect your bike from a multitude of risks, including airline damage. Read more

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