Italian Cycling Superstar Brumotti travels in Style with Scicon Bags




Is camouflage the new black? Cycling superstar Brumotti certainly thinks so. He can’t get enough of this battledress pattern.

Our sister brand Ftech were approached by Italian superstar Vittorio Brumotti who is famous for doing trials bike tricks and stunts on a road bike. He’s a huge fan of camouflage and wanted a race skinsuit to match his camo edition Montana bike for a video shoot in California last September. We tried out a few designs but the one with the fluo yellow trim was the winner for Brumotti.

The cycling superstar was invited across to the Tinkoff-Saxo training camp in Gran Canaria a few months ago where he fit right in with his custom camo skinsuit. Note the similarity to the Sportful training kit- another brand has obviously picked up on the fluo camo trend!



Brumotti has been travelling with Scicon Bags for a while now, he prefers the AeroComfort 2.0 when flying and so we decided that we’d create a custom version especially for him. And of course, it just had to be in Camo!



Photo from Brumotti‘s instagram


Camouflage is definately in vogue this season and Scicon plan to launch a range of new saddlebags later in the year which incorporate this militaristic trend. Here’s a sneak preview! Let us know what you think in the comments box below.


Ritiro Tinkoff - Saxo Gran Canaria

Photo of Peter Sagan from Tinkoff Saxo with the Camo Capsule Edition Hipo 550 yellow fluo saddle bag

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