Bring Your Bike to Whistler, Canada, with Scicon Bags


  • Whistler

A lesser known cycling hotspot than the likes of Nice, Girona and Tuscany, Whistler has a lot to offer riders who are willing to make the journey to the Canadian town. Better known for its skiing, as one of the largest ski resorts in North America and the area that hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics, Whistler offers a haven for outdoor explorers, and a variety of spectacular on- and off-road riding.

Where to ride?

The mountainous landscape around Whistler, often mainly snow-covered in the winter months, offers cyclists some stunning climbs to ride, but there are also enough flatter valley roads to keep those who aren’t as inclined to tackle the gradients. Then, for those who prefer the off-road trails or downhill riders, the options are vast, with something for every rider from the beginners to the most advanced.




Road: Sea-to-Sky Highway – Rainbow Park, 180km

This popular bike course, used by endurance triathlon events annually, takes riders from the park, just a short drive from Whistler Village, travelling south on the Sea-to-Sky Highway before climbing into the Callaghan Valley. Once you’ve descended back to the highway you pass through Whistler on the way north heading to Pemberton for a flat section of the ride. Looping back around on yourself, you then return to your starting point by the Sea-to-Sky Highway once again.




Off-Road: Whistler Mountain Bike Park

The opportunities for MTB lovers are plentiful, with the Whistler Mountain Bike Park offering many different courses and options to test your skills off-road. The park features one of the most famous MTB trails in the world, known as A-Line. Described as a ‘jumpy, flowy, rollercoaster-esque trail that has spawned a long list of imitators around the world’, the trail is a test of skill but if it’s too much there’s plenty of other more relaxed options.

  • Whistler

There’s a rich map of trails that can be utilised to plot and use XC and Enduro rides in the area, including pre-mapped out routes such as Lost Lake Loop, Tommy Moore (downhill course), Cut Yer Bars, and the most difficult, Comfortably Numb.

  • Whistler


Family Tours

If you’re up for a leisurely ride around the area with the family and don’t want to have to think about where you’re going or how to get back, then head for the Valley Trail – a dedicated cycling route connecting all of Whistler’s neighbourhoods and residential areas. This route forms a part of the Trans Canada Trail, connecting regions across Canada – a potentially much larger cycling project perhaps.



Wedge Mountain, Whistler

Off-the-bike activities

If you’re looking to fill your time when not riding your bike, there’s plenty of activities and other sports you can try out – it really is a location for the outdoors types. The numerous lakes and rivers dotted around the area can be tackled by kayaks and canoe trips, while the hills can be climbed on hiking trips in search of higher viewpoints. A must-do for the hikers is the Whistler PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience where you can combine hiking and gondolas to travel around the area where the best views can be found. There’s over 50km of hiking routes to choose from, as well as Summer Feast Dinners from five different restaurants – dine on the rooftop of the world! Full information and how to by tickets can be found here.




If you want the vistas without the effort of climbing and hiking, then you can take to the skies on a helicopter ride, although these tours won’t take you through the national park, but through the surrounding areas.

Whether hiking or flying, you’re bound to come across some of the spectacular waterfalls which punctuate the Canadian landscape – if you’re heading out and about, make sure to plot your route around some of these to relax in their beauty. These include Shannon Falls, the third highest waterfall in British Columbia, Brandywine Falls, located 11km south of Whister on Highway 99, and Alexander Falls, a eye-catching 43-meter tiered cascade situated on Madeley Creek, up the Callaghan Valley.



Brandywine Falls

Travelling to Whistler

There are several different arrival airport options to travel to Whistler, including Seattle and Bellingham, however the closest and largest airport is Vancouver so we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular airlines flying here, and what they charge to bring your bike.

WestJet – 45kg weight limit

All flights – $75-88.50 CAD for a bike box or bike bag, pre-booked or paid for at an airport kiosk

Air Canada – 32kg weight limit

All flights – 50-59 CAD for a bike box or bike bag, pre-booked or paid for at an airport kiosk

British Airways – 23-32kg weight limit

All flights – £60 each way for a bike box or bike bag, pre-booked, or £65 if paid for at the airport

American Airlines – 23kg weight limit

From the UK – £65 each way for a bike box or bike bag, pre-booked.

Domestic / U.S. flights – $35 each way for a bike box or bike bag, pre-booked.
If over weight and larger than 62 inches in size, a charge of $150 is applied.




Although it may not have been on your radar as somewhere to visit before, Whistler and its surroundings is a safe bet to make lasting memories for any outdoor enthusiast. Whether you’re taking a triathlon/TT bike or a road bike, the Scicon AeroComfort 3.0 range has a specific bike travel bag to suit your needs and will help you save on airline fees when you decide to make the journey.


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