60-Second Interview with Velocio-SRAM rider Tayler Wiles



Tayler Wiles is a professional cyclist racing for Velocio-SRAM.  Growing up in Murray, Utah she dreamed of becoming the next Mia Hamm.  She traded in her soccer cleats for two wheels and now sets her sights on the World Championships and the Olympic Games. 


Despite being super busy chasing her dreams, she set aside 60 seconds to answer our quick-fire questions:


Biggest fear? Flying (yes a professional athlete who is terrified of flying…I’m white knuckled and sweating the entire time no matter how often I fly, which is almost weekly!

Greatest obstacle?
Often my fear of silly things can be an obstacle, I overthink everything.

Superstitions? None really… though I do knock on wood sometimes.

Biggest achievement? Winning the overall at Redlands Cycling Classic and the Tour of New Zealand.


Favourite cycling destination? Marin county California and Ireland (yes even with the rain, its phenomenally beautiful there).

Favourite song to work out to?  
I have SO many.  “The Things I Regret” by Brandi Carlile, “Ritual” by Elle Goulding, “Elastic Heart” by Sia, “Bullet and a Target” by Citizen Cop, “Holy” by Frightened Rabbit.

Spirit animal?
I love dogs but I don’t know if I’d call that my spirit animal.  Magpie’s have special meaning to me because of a good friend I lost.

Good luck charm?  My Dad’s sobriety coins and a rock my Mom gave me that says dream on it.

One thing nobody knows?  I am painfully shy sometimes.

Never have I everGone a day without thinking about chocolate chip cookies!

Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag?  How quick and easy it is to pack and how easily it rolls through airports, train stations, etc.


Tayler travels with the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA 


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