60-Second Interview with Ultra-Endurance Cyclist Omar Di Felice



Omar Di Felice is an Ultra Endurance cyclist. This means he pushes himself to his physical and mental limits on a bike. His most recent and noteworthy feat was a 1600km non-stop winter ride from Paris to Rome which included climbing Alpe d’Huez, Col du Lautaret, Montegenevre and Col du Sestriere. His journey was filmed and aired on Sky’s Bike Channel. 

Omar is currently training for this year’s Race Across the Alps which begins in a few days time. He’ll be cycling 540 km through 3 countries- Austria, Italy and Swizerland in just one day. He took a minute out of his busy training schedule to speak to his bike bag sponsor about his achievements, fears andconquering his obstacles. 




Greatest obstacle? Myself after more than 20 hours of nonstop riding. You’ve really got to fight against your mind!


Biggest Fear? Not being able to achieve what I know I’m really capable of.


Biggest achievement? Become an ambassador of a clean way to do sport.


Superstitions? I can’t be superstitious. I’ve only got to train more and more to reach my goals. Hard work trumphs luck everytime. 


Favourite song to work out to? I love movie soundtrack albums and I listen hours of them during my training.


Favourite cycling destination? Wherever there are mountains, I say “I’m at home”.


Good luck charm? I don’t have any kind of good luck charm, usually only some ritual things like a beard shave the day before and so on…


Spirit animal? Chamois.


Never have I ever…. Do sport in the wrong way! Without love and dedication that is. 


One thing nobody knows? How hard is to reach a goal. When I win an ultracycling marathon it seems it’s easy to other people. Only my girlfriend sees me day by day knows how hard is to train to reach a goal.


Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? Travelling without stress! 


Omar Di Felice travels with the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA


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