60-Second Interview with Triathlete Sarah Piampiano



Sarah Piampiano is one of those people who has dipped in and out of various sports coming out of each of them with long lists of achievements. She’s also had a successful career in finance working for HSBC which involved 100 hour weeks and travelling the globe as an advisor to some of the biggest and most successful companies in this industry.

Her triathlon career started over a few drinks and a packet of cigerettes (ironically) as a bet between her and a friend. She reckoned that she could beat him at a local triathlon event he’d signed up for. Not only did she win that bet, but she went on to quit her job to take on triathlon professionally and has since been hugely successful at it since. 

Piampiano gave us 1 minute of her time to talk fears, achievements and bike bags. 




Biggest fear? Downing / suffocation.


Greatest obstacle? Achieving the  lurid of success in triathlon that I strive for


Superstitions? The #13 = Bad luck.


Biggest achievement? Having the guts to take the risk of failure head on and follow my dream.


Favourite cycling destination? Austria and Italy


Favourite song to work out to? Greyhound by Swedish House Mafia       


Spirit animal? A lion – Docile, but has an inner warrior that commands respect


Good luck charm? Mmmm…. Don’t really have any


One thing nobody knows? My first word was blueberry     


Never have I ever… gone diving with sharks – Nor will I ever!


Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? Easy to pack! + Only have to take the wheels off – Love this!


Sarah and fellow triathlete Laura Siddall recently went head-to-head in a bike-packing race. Who do you think wins? Watch below to find out!



Sarah travels with the AeroComfort Triathlon.


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