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Michelle Duffield is one half of the Duffield Ironman Twins, the other half being Michelle’s twin sister, best friend and biggest rival- Katy Duffield. They train together and then race against each other and are the first set twins to compete togehter at Ironman level. Michelle accumulated 7 top tens and 3 podium positions last season alone and has here 2015 aims set high. 

She managed to spare a minute for her new travel sponsor – Scicon Bags – to discuss fears, achievements and, of course, bike bags. 


Michelle Duffield

Photo by Paparazzi on the Run


Greatest fear?  Free falling. All humans are born with this fear. I cannot shake mine.

Superstitions? Pre-race nail painting. Can’t race without them done!

Biggest achievement? 2nd in the 25-29 AG at Kona.

Favourite cycling destination? Hills of Perth, the Darling Range is gruelling and spectacular.

Favourite song to work out to? ACDC Highway to Hell. Gets me going every time….because 9 times out of 10, when it comes on my play list, I genuinely feel like I am on the highway to hell.

Spirit animal? Lioness. Strong and fierce!

Good luck charm? I have raced in the same socks for the past 2 years. The pair that got me on the podium in Kona. I have, however, had some shoking results in them since… Nevertheless, if there is any luck left in them, I’ll take it!

One thing nobody knows? I’d make a terrible ballerina. 

Never have I ever… Been done for drafting. Clean record and proud of it! I race hard and honest. 

Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? I can go straight from a race to the airport, pack my bike in the car park and check-in in no time at all. No fuss, no tools, reduces the stress of what can be a stressful situation. 


 Michelle Duffield  travels with the AeroComfort Triathlon

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