60-Second Interview with Triathlete Laura Siddall


Laura is a British expat  living in San Francisco with a degree in mechanical engineering. Served as an Officer in the British Army for a few years beforing turning to triathlon. She made the jump to pro level after being the fastest female amature competitor at the 2013 70.3 World Championships alongside winning the Olympic distance World Championships in London a week later. 

Siddall is a self confessed sports junkie and Tri geek. She loves sport whether it be watching, supporting, coaching or participating. She takes 60 seconds out of her hectic training/race/travelling schedule to talk to us about the Scissor Sisters, earthquakes and the British Army. 


Biggest fear? Having moved to San Francisco, I think Earthquakes now completely freak me out.

Greatest obstacle? A 10ft wall.

Superstitions? I’m not sure I have any, but definitely have routines or rituals (I guess) pre-race that I go through. Pre-race chocolate the night before is one! (Maybe that’s just an excuse!)

Biggest achievement?
 Winning the 2013 70.3 World Championships, as fastest female amateur overall, and backing up a week later to win the Olympic distance World Championships in London.

Favourite cycling destination? 
I have to say I’m pretty biased as I think the cycling in San Francisco is pretty amazing. I’ve not spread my wings too far yet in terms of other places around the world. I’d love to cycle in Europe though and I’m sure there are plenty of incredible places around the world.

Favourite song to work out to? 
At the moment there are a few that I love. Scissor Sisters – Fight fire with Fire, Neon Trees – Animal and Underworld.

Spirit animal?
 Bear – it’s apparently emblematic of grounding forces and strength, and courage to stand up against adversity. 

Good luck charm?
 Not sure I have a good luck charm specifically, but I have a few bits of jewelry that I often wear which are sentimental as they connects me back to my family or to special and meaningful words.

One thing nobody knows?
 I was an Officer in the British Army, with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, based with a Royal Artillery Regiment in Germany. (I think people probably actually know this, but I still find it pretty cool)

Never have I ever…
 not eaten chocolate 

Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag/box? It’s so quick to pack! 4mins! Can you beat that?

Watch the bike packing showdown between Laura Siddall and Sarah Piampiano below- 

Laura travels with the Scicon AeroComfort 2.0 & AeroComfort Triathlon


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