60-Second Interview with Tinkoff-Saxo Rider Michael Rogers



Michael Rogers is one of the fastest Aussies around and key figure in Tinkoff-Saxo with his intelligence, years of experience and strong capacity as a stage racer.

Not only is he a three-time World Time-Trial Champion, Tour de France stage winner and winner of several one-week stage races such as Tour of California (runner-up overall) but he’s also a big fan of Scicon!
It’s more than obvious that Michael is a crucial part of Tinkoff-Saxo ambitions in stage races and Grand Tours. He’s set his sights high and is constantly improving his performance, we’re keen to see what he’s going to do in 2015 but for the time being lets get a bit better acquainted with the man himself. He’s managed to set aside 60 seconds of his time and answer our quick-fire questions, so here goes:
Biggest fear? The results not turning out that way I had planned.
Greatest obstacle? Self-doubt
Superstitions? Not really a superstitious person. However, good preparation is an excellent start.
Biggest achievement? Proudest: 2014 Tour de France stage win.
Favourite cycling destination? Santa Barbara Area, California.
Favourite song to work out to? In the last few months: U2- Invisible
Spirit animal? No idea!?
Good luck charm? Rainbow in the sky.
One thing nobody knows? I’m a self-confessed computer geek…
Never have I ever… Sworn… not!
Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? The 4 wheels on the bottom of the bag. It makes moving around the airport with a bike, suitcase and… and… and… much easier!
Watch the Scicon interview with Rodgers-


Michael uses the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA


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