60-Second Interview with Rider & Photographer Andrea Schilirò



Andrea Schilirò is difficult to describe because he just does damn so much.

First there’s photographer Andrea who is constantly looking to capture the emotion in the right light. Always attracted to snow, street, skate and of course, bike.

Then there’s athlete Andrea who can switch from alleycat fixie races to cyclocross, to MTB to triathlons. Anything which involves his legs spinning makes him feel a real freedom.

There’s also the team manager Andrea, Dosnoventa European Team are drilled, pushed and pulled harder each day.

Lastly there’s ambassador Andrea, he entertains, motivates, inspires people about the products he uses. He lives the experience as a journey and cycling is an integral part of his life- his house is decorated with saddles, wheels and handlebars. He managed to take time out of his multiple job roles to speak to us about chamois cream, tattoos and owls.
Biggest Fear? To not be able to ride
Greatest obstacle? Ill tell you when l will get through it!
Superstitions? If possible my race number has to be 17
Biggest achievement? Gotten somebody to pay for your cycling trip
Favourite cycling destination? Wherever is fun to ride, can be 10k from my house or on the Great Ocean Road in Australia
Favourite song to work out to? The heavy breath of the cyclist who’s trying to catch my wheel
Spirit animal? It could be an owl, a beaver or a reindeer… Depending on the day
Good luck charm? My chamois cream!
One thing nobody knows? The numbers of my tattoos… including me!
Never have I ever… Taken the driving licence (… but dont tell my girlfriend!)
Best thing about having a Scicon bike box?  That you keep on smiling and laughing even after the dropping the bag off at the airport.
Andrea uses both the Aerotech Evolution TSA and the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA. For more info on these products click here.


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