60- Second Interview with Paralympic Cyclist Colin Lynch



Former Paracycling World Champion lost out on a medal at the 2012 London Paralympics by 1/10th of a second. He’s now got his sights firmly set on Rio 2016 and is aiming for gold. 

Colin is an amputee, losing his leg as a result of an accident during a game of Rugby when he was 16. He tells us that he was never much of an athlete growing up but enjoyed participating in lots of sports including cycling. 

Colin is currenly experiencing some issues with his current prosthetic; it doesn’t fit well and causes him a lot of pain, making training difficult. Since then the problems have continued, but with limited funds at his disposal, Colin hs had to invest in training and bikes rather than a new cycling leg. This is why he’s fundraising for a new prosthetic- click here to contribute. 

Colin takes 60 seconds out of training and fundraising to answer our quickfire interview questions.



Biggest fear?  Trying to negotiate fast and sharp corners on wet roads.


Greatest obstacle?  Dealing with the daily pain of riding a bike for hours on end, with an artificial leg.


Superstitions?  The night before a big race, I usually eat a meal consisting mainly of instant mashed potatoes. My teammates think I’m mad! That, and every time I see “11:11” on a clock, I make a wish.


Biggest achievement?  Winning the Paracycling World Championships in 2011, then again in 2012 in 2 different events.


Favourite cycling destination?  Hard to chose. But I like big hills. French Alps are stunning. And Sierra Nevada in Spain is also tough but great. I spend most of my winter training in Majorca. Great roads – and a velodrome for track work!


Favourite song to work out to?  I don’t have ONE song – but I always listen to trance or house music in one ear when training. Keeps me motivated.


Spirit animal? Apparently it’s a lion.


Good luck charm?  Ah yes. I have a mini Lego figure, made in my likeness. It’s fairly accurate – complete with an artificial leg and my country race jersey!


One thing nobody knows?  If I disclosed that, then everyone would know!


Never have I ever…   won a Paralympic medal. We’ll change that in 2016.


Best thing about having a Scicon bike box?  That’s easy. I can fit my bike in it with minimal disassembly, and feel confident it’ll arrive safe at it’s destination! Plus the boxes are big enough to throw in extra kit.


Colin Travels with the AeroTech Evolution TSA bike box.

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