60-Second Interview with Coach and Triathlete Andy Brodziak



Andy Brodziak is an experienced triathlon coach specializing in helping clients including pro triathletes get to the start line of an event in the best possible shape whilst enjoying the journey.

He practices what he preaches too. Andy is currently pursuing his own triathlon career and competed at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii in 2009 & 2011 all the while continuing to to work alongside his clients who are often busy professionals. He supports them in overcoming challenges, injuries, performance blocks and posture related strength.

He currently works alongside Olympic triathlon coach Ben Bright with successful coaching company Triathlon Performance Solutions which offers triathlon camps and online coaching.




Biggest fear? I would say starving to death – nothing worse than being hungry.


Greatest obstacle? Sub 9 hour Ironman, sub 3 hour marathon off the bike.


Superstitions? None… sorry – boring!


Biggest achievement? Competing at the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii.


Favourite cycling destination? Has to be South Africa, Cape Town!


Favourite song to work out to? The Killers – ‘Are you Human?’


Spirit animal? Definitely a cow.


Good luck charm? My son’s teddy- ‘lamby’…


One thing nobody knows? I have an imaginary friend I chat to some nights.


Never have I ever… Missed a day without laughing!


Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? Having used so many different bags over the years racing and coaching, from soft to hard cases, Scicon have nailed it on the head for convenience and time to pack and unpack, especially a TRI bike. It’s simple, light and even some of my clients who have no technical skills (there are many!) can do it without a problem the first time. I’m really happy to have made a connection with Scicon 2 years ago and am looking forward to my third year as one of their sponsored athletes!


Andy uses the AeroComfort Triathlon. For more information on this bike bag click here


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