60-Second Interview with Fixie Rider Sean Martin



Welcome the world. Northern Europe, Indonesia, Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico and Continental USA, the globe is the home turf of Sean Martin, Scicon brand ambassador and Fixie bike aficionado.

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Sean Martin has been riding bikes for many years, starting off on a BMX and migrating towards a fixed-gear bike. He’s often spotted on the streets of LA with one of his brightly-coloured Track bikes. He’s a brand ambassador for Scicon and uses the AeroComfort when travelling further afield with his bike. He’s taken 60 seconds out of his vagabond lifestyle to answer our quickfire questions:


Biggest fear? Being alone in life.


Greatest obstacle? Myself.


Superstitions? If I worry about getting a flat tire or crashing, I knock on my helmet to ward off those things don’t happen.


Biggest achievement? Learning to accept things I cannot change.


Favourite cycling destination? Jakarta, Indonesia or the Angeles Crest Mountains.


Favourite song to work out to? Goin up by Iheartmonokenn


Spirit animal? Biggie Smalls


Good luck charm? None. I’m Irish. I have all the luck I need already.


One thing nobody knows? Didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 13 and was deathly afraid of them before that.


Never have I ever… Fallen down without getting back up.


Best thing about having a Scicon bike bag? It gets my bikes to my destinations safe and sound.


Sean uses the AeroComfort 2.0 TSA. For more information on this bike bag click here.



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